House Amenities

Enjoy the Comforts of Home

  • Bed

    34 guest rooms (towels and linens provided)

  • Spoon

    Two fully equipped community kitchens with large shared dining room

  • TV

    Five tv sitting areas and a variety of quiet sitting spaces

  • Laundry

    Five sets of washer and dryers with laundry supplies provided

  • Phone

    Phone in all rooms with message managers and one shared long distance phone with free calling

  • Desktop Computer

    A computer common area with three work stations with internet access and art station for children

  • Wifi

    Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the House

  • Football

    Spacious, comfortable side yard and deck with children's play area and BBQs

  • Gamepad

    Children's playroom, games and media room, and fitness room

  • Cutlery

    Fresh baked cookies, breakfast program three mornings each week and rotational dinner programs

  • Paint Brush

    A multipurpose room for arts, crafts and games

  • Child

    Two mother and day use rooms equipped with napping chairs and breast pumps

  • Shopping Basket

    Fridge space and personal pantry space

  • Wheelchair

    Wheelchair accessibility throughout

  • Exchange

    Two elevators

  • Shuttle

    Complimentary shuttle service to local hospitals and clinics