Baby Brekken

Milestone Moment

  • Lloydminster, SK
  • 100 nights
When we heard that we would need to be in Saskatoon for potentially three months after having a premature baby boy at 28 weeks our hearts sank. This was an extremely overwhelming feeling but our social worker suggested we stay at the Ronald McDonald House. To us we had an idea in mind of what we were expecting but when we finally arrived at the House we honestly couldn’t believe our eyes. When they say they are trying to make a “home away from home” the staff there truly out do themselves. It is your home when you walk through the doors. Living there was more than we could have asked for from the meals (beyond delicious) staff, activities, everything was done with the highest care - it really lifts a big weight off your shoulders when you’re already dealing with a stressful situation.
Our stay was one of a kind, Covid-19 impacted everyone but having to deal with a pandemic on top of things definitely amplified the situation we were in. At the House they tried to maintain as close to normal for all the families. Even though some rules and protocols changed, it was all for the best, not only for the protection of our baby and other family’s but for ourselves. We were grateful to be able to stay at the House the whole time and still be able to go visit our baby at JPCH. Some days we didn’t know what was going to happen with visitor restrictions at the hospital. When we arrived back at the House after a long day, we were always greeted with a smile and a nice normal conversation.
The day finally came to go back home to Lloydminster, we had spent 100 days at the House. We had some mixed feelings as our new normal was about to change drastically. The feeling of leaving was bitter sweet, happy to finally be able to go home as a family but sad to have to leave the friends we had made. We can’t wait to be able to go back for a visit even if it’s just to say “hi!”

Courtney, Cody & Brekken DeJong