Meet Our Staff

Tammy Forrester
306-244-5700 Ext.110

Director of Operations
Marcelline Zimmer
306-244-5700 Ext.113

Finance & Office Manager
Marg Coverett
306-244-5700 Ext.111

Finance & Office Assistant
Faye Marcoux
306-244-5700 Ext.112


Fund Development Assistant
Karen Linsley
306-244-5700 Ext.115
Marketing & Communications Assistant
Laura Dally
306-244-5700 Ext.116
Facility Coordinator
Ann Nickolet
306-244-5700 Ext. 119
Director of Volunteers
Kim Gilbert
306-244-5700 Ext.114
Volunteer Coordinator
Deanne Praski
306-244-5700 Ext.120

Director of Programs
Joan Wagner
306-244-5700 Ext.118

Program Coordinator
Kelly Humphrey
306-244-5700 Ext.118

Program Assistant
Joanne Bahr
Darlene Kruger

Family Service Associates
Dorianne Geske
Fatima Mohamed
Landon Wagner

Arlene Velasquez
Glovelyn Wad-As
Jo Seeseequasis
Liberty Lauron

Family Room Coordinator
Nadia Balytska

Family Room Assistant
Pat Naidu


Family Room, Victoria Hospital, Prince Albert

Staff: Nadia Balytska, Family Room Coordinator and Pat Naidu, Family Room Assistant

We must mention the huge number of volunteers that we also consider staff, (albeit unpaid). They are essential to the operation of the House and are truly invaluable.


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