Meet Our Staff

306Our Staff

Tammy Forrester
306-244-5700 Ext.110

Chief Operating Officer
Marcelline Zimmer
306-244-5700 Ext.113

Director of Development and Communications
Karen Linsley
306-244-5700 Ext.115

Director of Human Resource Development 
Kim Gilbert
306-244-5700 Ext.114

Director of House Operations
Dorianne Geske
306-244-5700 Ext 116

Finance Manager
Marg Coverett
306-244-5700 Ext.111

Finance & Office Assistant
Sumitra Subedi
306-244-5700 Ext.112

Development Manager
Ashlyn Yablonski
306-244-5700 Ext.122

Development Assistant
Alaisha Gaudet
306-244-5700 Ext.124

Marketing & Communications Assistant
Karen Enns-Zinkiew
306-244-5700 Ext. 119

Human Resource Assistant
Kelly Humphrey
306-244-5700 Ext.121

Volunteer Manager
Deanne Praski
306-244-5700 Ext.120

Food Programs Coordinator
Cesar Roblin
306-244-5700 Ext 118

Food Programs Assistants
Joanne Bahr
Jo Seeseequasis
Edina Oligo
Marjorie Ribagorda

Family Service Coordinator
Tosin Lomowu
306-244-5700 Ext 123

Family Service Associates
Doreen Meyer
Danni Willems
Arlene Velasquez

Guest Experience Receptionist
Chantelle Draper
306-244-5700 Ext. 100

Facility & Maintenance Coordinator
Leah Turcotte

Facility & Maintenance Assistant
Mike Ubell 

House Services
Glovelyn Wad-As
Liberty Lauron
Carol Paltican
Mina Banez
Akossiwa Tamekloe

Family Room Manager
Nadia Balytska

Family Room Assistant
Rebekah Yeaman