Feeding the Families


We know breakfast is the most important meal of the day! This is especially true for families with sick children. Starting a long stressful day off right is important, which is why we offer a wholesome and nutritious breakfast three days a week.


We understand that sometimes it is hard to leave your child in order to purchase meals. Our Food Programs Team is pleased to prepare and provide nutritious lunches to families at the JPCH and Dube centers on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays to make this part of their day just a little easier.

Baking Snacks

Cinnamon, vanilla and baked apple smells are heartening and essential in creating a “homelike” environment in our kitchens.

At Ronald McDonald House, our cookie jars are always full and coffee is always on for a comforting snack or something to grab & go.

Community Pantry

Most families arrive at the House never expecting to have a sick child. With our stocked community pantry, no family goes hungry.

Home For Dinner

**Please note, currently in the midst of Covid 19, we are not able to accommodate outside groups coming into the House. If you would like to help us continue supporting our families through providing nutritious hot meals 3 days a week below are ways that you can help!**

  • Provide gift cards for restaurants that we can provide dinners for families
  • Ask for a currently list of grocery/pantry items that are needed
  • Supply a catered meal for the families 

For more information please contact our Food Programs team at 306-244-5700 ext 118.

The Home for Dinner program is a wonderful gift for our families, providing kindness and support during a very stressful time in their lives. Our Home for Dinner program is a volunteer opportunity for corporate groups, organizations, or even groups of friends, to come to Ronald McDonald House to prepare a home cooked meal for our families. The volunteer group size has varied from 5 to 20 depending on the group, menu and event.

For more information about any of our food programs please contact 306-244-5700 ext 118 or foodprograms@rmh.sk.ca