Our House Your Home

We Provide

Private, comfortable, spacious and modern guestrooms with queen beds for families with children 18 years of age or under receiving medical treatment. Family members include those people in direct care of the child in the hospital.

Amenities at the House 

  • Bed

    34 guest rooms (towels and linens provided)

  • Spoon

    Two fully equipped community kitchens with large shared dining room

  • TV

    Five tv sitting areas and a variety of quiet sitting spaces

  • Laundry

    Five sets of washer and dryers with laundry supplies provided

  • Phone

    Phone in all rooms with message managers and one shared long distance phone with free calling

  • Desktop Computer

    A computer common area with three work stations with internet access and art station for children

  • Wifi

    Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the House

  • Football

    Spacious, comfortable side yard and deck with children's play area and BBQs

  • Gamepad

    Children's playroom, games and media room, and fitness room

  • Cutlery

    Fresh baked cookies, breakfast program three mornings each week and rotational dinner programs

  • Paint Brush

    A multipurpose room for arts, crafts and games

  • Child

    Two mother and day use rooms equipped with napping chairs and breast pumps

  • Shopping Basket

    Fridge space and personal pantry space

  • Wheelchair

    Wheelchair accessibility throughout

  • Exchange

    Two elevators

  • Shuttle

    Complimentary shuttle service to local hospitals and clinics

For your convenience, the House has playpens, strollers, breast pumps, highchairs and computers accessible to all families. There are two fully equipped kitchens with utensils, dishes, pots & pans, and various small appliances. Families have access to complimentary hospital shuttle service, laundry, televisions, living rooms, exercise and play rooms-all in a modern 42,000 square foot home. Most importantly, families are supported in a warm, compassionate and inclusive environment.

We Ask

In our comfortable and inclusive communal living environment, we ask families to follow and respect the guidelines set out by RMHC-SK including; close supervision of children, cleaning up after yourself, no consumption of alcohol and drugs on the property, and smoking only in the designated areas. 

If your stay is being supported by an outside agency or charity, we ask for billing approval by fax or email before arrival.

Your Health

To ensure the health and wellbeing of all families in the House , we ask you to find alternate accommodations if you or a family member are ill.  If you are in need of assistance finding alternate arrangements, please connect with one of RMHC-SK staff members. 

Stay with Us

Room Requests & Referrals
Request a room or submit a Medical Referral here.

Check In
Between 8:30am-8:30pm

Check Out
Between 8:30am-9:00pm

To Request a Room
Please call 306.244.5700 extension 123.

Suggested Room Contribution
$10.00 per night.

Ronald McDonald House Charities - Saskatchewan accepts Visa, MasterCard, cash, cheque and debit as methods of payment.